Customization Guide

Here's how it works.

We have created a very detailed stationery guide to help you navigate and choose the right invitation and embellishments for your special day. We tried our very best to make the guide as comprehensive as possible.

If you did not find what you are looking for, do send us an email via our CONTACT PAGE. There are many other printing methods and papers available, so reach out if you prefer something different to what we have on our online store.

Our Process

I. Choose your design

Choose and purchase the design and other embellishments you would like for your invitations. Remember, you only need one (1) invitation per household.

II. Details collection

Once we've received your order, we will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours to collect all the necessary details about your stationery. Think names, locations, and wordings.

III. Digital proofing

With the details you have provided, we will create a digital mock-up or proof of what your invitations would possibly look like once printed. We offer one complimentary revision round for this.

IV. Production and shipping

After the proof is approved, we will send the files to our printers, work on the necessary embellishments and day-of items and ship them to you once completed.

Stationery Investment

Processing Times

The beauty of our semi-custom collection is that you get beautiful, high quality invitations without the custom design fee. The average Azalea Calligraphy & Design bride will spend anywhere from $900 to $5,000 for save the date and invitations with an additional $500 - $1,500 for embellishments and wedding day items depending on the amount ordered.

Processing times can be as quick as 4 weeks or as long as 8 weeks from design approval. This will depend on the type of printing, additional services, any revisions, and amount ordered. We truly appreciate your patience as we do our best to complete your orders speedily.

Paper Selection

Our studio has several types of papers available. For plain white paper, we use 300gsm COTTON PAPER stock for its thickness and beautiful matte surface. For our colored stock, we use different brands that have a matte finish with light texture and are still above 270gsm. Finally, we have HANDMADE PAPER sourced from different artisans to make sure paper and colors are available for your orders.

300Gsm Cotton Stock

Handmade Paper

Printing Options

We out source our printing with our trusted suppliers to ensure the quality of each print. DIGITAL PRINTING is the most affordable of our printing service and also the quickest to complete. LETTERPRESS leaves a deep impression on the surface of paper and requires extra thick paper to print on. Although the only choice for paper on our shop is 300gsm, we will automatically print letterpress on 500-600gsm paper when available. Lastly, we also offer HOT FOIL STAMPING for the brides who want a shiny, metallic effect.

Letterpress Printing

Hot Foil Stamping

Digital Printing

Calligraphy Styles

Classic Style


Simplicity is beauty. If you are looking for a script that is simple yet elegant, this is the style to go with.

Signature style


The style of calligraphy first developed by our designer, Azalea. This style has a more modern feel, but still exudes a romantic, feminine feeling.

Flourish Style


If you want a little extra something to your writing, our flourish style is perfect for this. We can use the traditional Copperplate calligraphy or use one of our calligraphy styles and apply flourishes.