Modern Calligraphy Workshop (ONLINE CLASS)

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If you appreciate the beauty and elegance of calligraphy and would love to start learning this skill, then this is for you. I truly believe that calligraphy can be learned by anyone. It doesn’t matter what penmanship you may have because it’s all about muscle memory! So it’s just a matter of time and practice before you can get a hold of this skill.

In this class, I will be demonstrating the basic and necessary strokes involved in writing lower and upper case letters. I will be showing you how to write using a pointed pen as well as demonstrating how to prepare your nibs and care for it after every use.

All materials will be provided by me so all you need to do is to show up and have fun! This is a beginner-friendly class so no prior knowledge or experience is required. I will be there to provide all the necessary information to jump-start your calligraphy journey.

NOTE: This is a live, online class with a maximum group size of 3 students. Materials will be shipped to you so make sure to add your address.

What you’ll get:
– Practice Sheets
– One Pen holder with 1 nib
– One brush pen
– One Ink Jar with ink
– One Instruction book with guidelines
– List of my favorite suppliers
– One on one guidance and feedback with your instructor

Class will be 1.5 hours long with only a maximum of 3 people in the group.
Location: Online. Please download the app/program ZOOM to be able to participate.

What to bring: Just yourself!
This workshop is perfect for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, corporate event, or Christmas party.
Cancellations and Refund Policy: Re-scheduling can be made for this class. Full refund can be made when cancelling more than14 days before appointment. If materials have been mailed and you wish to cancel, only 50% will be refunded. No refund can be made for cancellations less than 14 days from appointment.
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6 reviews for Modern Calligraphy Workshop (ONLINE CLASS)

  1. Jodie Q.

    Great venue (even though it took a while to find). Azalea was very helpful and informative. It is really nice to be able to come away from a class with the tools needed. It was also good that websites were provided to find supplies and also people in Instagram to follow. Good size class which allowed Azalea to move around to everyone.

  2. Cienna T.

    Excellent class, Azalea is a great teacher and we got everything we need to keep practising at home. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Yin C.

    Love Azalea’s beginners class! Enjoyed taking time slowly and practicing with her. It was great. She’s so thoughtful and she shared all her supplies with us as well. Can’t wait to invite my friend book in a private class with her next time in the future❤️

  4. Nami K.

    I really had good time to take part in this workshop.
    All materials that I start learning calligraphy was prepared so it made me feel relaxed because I’ve never experienced it and no knowledge.

    The teacher, Azalea, was very welcoming and cared of each students very well.

    When I asked questions to her, she demonstrated how to write letters kindly.

    I learnt basic skills of calligraphy in this 2hours.

    I’ve always wanted to try calligraphy and this course is totally good for beginners!!

  5. Maria S.

    The teacher was approachable and explained the concepts well. The venue was conducive for the class and it was good that the teacher also played relaxing background music. I also appreciate that the materials she provided were good quality. My only suggestion would be to add a small project to the class. Example would be to write calligraphy on a gift tag or envelope. Note: my rating is 4.5 stars

  6. Kayla G.

    fantastic and helpful
    great teacher and super personable
    would definitely complete another course
    really liked the place it was held

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