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I started my calligraphy journey way back in 2015. For the most part, I was self-taught. But I finally reached a point where I needed tutoring to refine my writing. If I had started with the right stuff, then developing my writing and style would have been an easier, less hair-pulling kind of journey.

That's why I've decided to teach how to write calligraphy using the right techniques and tools. I provide all the necessary materials in my workshops so that my students don't have to worry about what to bring to class but simply focus on listening and applying the techniques. We go into great details about the writing techniques I've used to help me progress and how to practice mindfully in your own time. In-person classes normally take up to 2 hours with a 15 minute break to have a quick rest.

Calligraphy has been part of my business from the very beginning. From wedding invitations to personalized bags, I have been able to add beautiful, feminine touches using calligraphy.

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